NEOM aims to lead the global agenda on sustainability and innovation in future fashion. We will be the vanguard of future fashion development where innovators, technologists, industry and educators converge to collaborate and develop an ecosystem that will shape NEOM’s position as a global leader in sustainable fashion.

A powerful cultural expression, we believe fashion must change to minimize its impact on the environment and this is strongly linked to NEOM’s ethos and vision of sustainability. NEOM culture is about learning by doing, combining knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking with the latest technology and a digital mindset; to solve the problems of tomorrow.

NEOM will be a unique, creative and productive region that is open, dynamic and imaginative.



Masters Programs

NEOM’s 9- month Masters programs, in Italy, are specialized paths aimed to prepare professionals for the key roles in companies in the fashion and luxury industries today. These courses are constantly evolving, and curriculums are updated every year to cater to fast changing market needs and feedback from businesses. The combination of intensive training and professional experience supports seamless transitions to industry and the professional world.

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Undergraduate Programs

NEOM’s 2-4 year duration Undergraduate programs, in Italy, are ideal for young people who have completed high school, can demonstrate a passion for creativity and fashion and aim to gain expert and detailed training in various key fields of the fashion industries. Each Undergraduate degree includes a 3-month industry internship to further develop each students skills in an industry setting and to introduce them to the professional working world.

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Admission requirements for Undergraduate’ courses:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • The applicant's information must be complete and correct in the application form and any evidence that his or her provided information does not match the official documents will lead to dismissal.
  • If the latest degree is obtained from non-English speaking country, then a certificate confirming competence in English such as IELTS is a must.
  • The applicant must be committed to attend courses commencing in Italy in October 2021.


Admission requirements for Master degree’ courses:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • The applicant's information must be complete and correct in the application form and any evidence that his or her provided information does not match the official documents will lead to dismissal.
  • If the applicant’s degree or equivalent qualification has been obtained in non-English speaking country, then they must supply a certificate confirming English language proficiency.
  • The applicant’s qualifications include a degree in fashion, design or related creative or business field.

1. How can I apply for the fashion scholarship program?

You can apply for the fashion scholarship program by choosing one of the two tracks: Undergraduate track, and Master’s degree track. You can register by completing the application form on the program’s website and providing the required documents.


2. When is the application deadline?

The registration window is available until 22nd of July.


3. Is it possible for those who are expected to graduate to apply? 

Programs commence from October 2021. Applicants for undergraduate and some masters programs must be available to study in October; however, further dates will be added to the scholarship program in 2021 and 2022.


4. Do I have to resign or take a leave from my current job to be accepted into the fashion scholarship program?

This matter is up to the applicant, and it must be coordinated with the employer. The program administration is not responsible.


5. What is the duration of the fashion scholarship program for each degree?

The number of years of study is determined by the degree and program that was selected and applied for.


6. Can individuals of female citizens apply for the program?

The fashion scholarship program is only open for male and female citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


7. Is a companion required?

No, a companion is not required.


8. What does the scholarship include?

The international fashion scholarships will include tuition fees, annual travel, medical insurance, and living expenses for students.


9. Can I apply for a bachelor's degree if I have previously obtained the degree?



10. Is it required to show my face for the interview?

Applicants are required to show their face for the interview.


11. Can I apply for a master’s degree in a specific program without obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the same program?

Applicants at Masters degree level are expected to demonstrate a relevant undergraduate degree, demonstrated capability in design or related creative discipline, and/or previous equivalent professional experience in a relevant professional or business field. This may include a portfolio, CV and other professional documentation.


12. I registered on the website and did not receive the activation link in the email.

We recommend checking the Spam folder in your email. We also recommend using Gmail or Hotmail for better services.


13. I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Click on "Sign in" at the top of the main page, then click on "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions.


14. Can I send application form requirements via e-mail?

You must submit all requirements by filling out the registration form on the program's website only.


15. Is it required to have a valid passport?

Yes, a valid passport is required. It is one of the program's conditions to have valid and complete documents.


16. I am having difficulty browsing the site and registering, what is the solution?

Please ensure that the browser used is supported by our website.


17. What is the expected time for the results?

The decision of acceptance, refusal or next stage is made in July/August 2021, and the applicants are notified via the email used in the registration process.


18. What are the advantages of the program?

The program includes: a complete scientific scholarship that includes tuition costs, financial guarantee, living expenses for students and companions, in addition to health insurance, and roundtrip travel tickets from the Kingdom to the country of the scholarship.


19. Does the fashion scholarship program end with employment?

The program does not end with employment.


20. Can I modify my application?

Yes, you can amend your application. Please contact the program team via email to obtain the amendment link at: [email protected]

Please include in the email the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email used in the registration process
  • Chosen track


21. I cannot access my account on the site, how can I reactivate the account?

Please choose "forgot password" from the registration page and then reset the password.

Please inform us if the problem continues, by writing the program team at the following email: [email protected]


22. Can I apply with a diploma?

Yes especially for undergraduate programs and at Masters level if you have demonstrated relevant professional experience and creative capabilities


23. What are the criteria for differentiation between applicants?

The program takes into consideration a set of criteria, plus the intakes of the interview and portfolio if relevant.


24. Can the children of applicants accompany them during the scholarship?

Children can accompany their parents during the scholarship period, noting that the program does not offer a stipend for accompanying children.


25. Can I obtain a financial guarantee before completing the application process?

A financial guarantee can be obtained after completing the application procedures.


26. Is English placement test considered final admission to the program?

The test score is part of the initial admission procedures for the program and is not considered final admission to the program.


27. I submitted more than one application within the same track, will all applications be considered?

Only the last application will be considered.


28. Can I switch between programs?

Yes, you can transfer between the different programs.

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