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About NEOM

About NEOM

The land of the future, where the greatest minds and best talents are empowered to embody pioneering ideas and exceed boundaries in a world inspired by imagination.

NEOM is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan for the future and aims to create a region in the northwest of the Kingdom. Built from the ground up as a living laboratory, NEOM will be a destination and a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for exceptional liveability, creating thriving businesses and reinventing environmental conservation.


As creative industries and the media sector in particular are recognized as powerful growth drivers for economies and progressive societies around the world, a vibrant media industry is a key element in NEOM’s ongoing development.

NEOM aims to become the regional epicenter for media industries.

We will do this by establishing the world’s first physically and technologically integrated media hub.

With a strong emphasis on screen production, gaming and digital publishing, NEOM also aims to support the wider ecosystem that includes:

• Music
• Radio
• Marketing
• Training and Industry Learning



Discovering and developing local talents across different disciplines

Providing unique educational opportunities to young Saudis

Building the local capability needed to achieve NEOM’s vision

Providing employment pathways into media content-production industries.

Attract leading technical vocational and media training institutions

Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities



40 places available for young Saudis to advance their career in the digital publishing and content sectors
When: 1 October – 04 November 2023
Where: SBA Headquarters in Riyadh

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40 places available for young Saudis to progress their career in the digital publishing and content sectors When: 12 November – 07 December 2023 Where: Riyadh

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Important Information

Important information

General acceptance requirements:

  • Applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • Individual programs may have specific application requirements depending on the subject area and the level of study.
  • Applicant’s information must be complete and correct in the application form, and any evidence that the information provided does not match official documents will lead to rejection or dismissal.

1. How can I apply for the NEOM training opportunities?

You must complete a separate application for each program that you are interested in.


2. Do I have to resign or take a leave from my current job to be accepted into the NEOM training opportunities?

This matter is up to the applicant and must be coordinated with your employer, prior to joining the program.


3. Where do the training courses take place?

Training courses will be delivered in various locations within KSA, including Riyadh.
Some programs will also be delivered online. Please check the location of the program delivery before you apply.


4. How will I know if my application has been successful?

Applicants will be notified via the email used in the registration process.
Response times will vary depending on the program.


5. Does the NEOM training opportunities end with employment?

Employment is not guaranteed following completion of a program.
Upon successful completion, some programs may offer paid internships.


6. What are the criteria for differentiation between applicants?

Each program is different. Please check the general and specific application criteria for each program.


7. Can I apply to more than one program to increase the chance of acceptance?

Yes, you can apply to more than one program at a time.


8. Can I send my application form requirements via email?

No. You must submit all requirements by filling out the registration form on the website, unless stated otherwise.


9. Are the programs fully paid by NEOM?

Yes, the tuition fees are paid for by NEOM, but there might be certain personal expenses outside the scope of the training, such as travel or accommodation, that you may need to consider.

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If you have any queries, please contact the NEOM Industry Learning team HERE